A recipe for success

Let’s say for the last 5 years you’ve been having breakfast at the same café each morning, ordering $15 fried eggs with bacon. One night (and we know that all our crazy ideas about our future magically appear when we’re about to fall asleep), you begin to think: “Freaking eggs cost only 3$ in the grocery store, why the hell don’t I cook them myself? I could save a good sum of money and with my skills I can do it easily”.

Next day you go to a nearby Tesco store, purchase everything you thought would be necessary to prepare “the best breakfast ever”: eggs, cheese, milk, bacon, seasoning, etc. Total cost: 10$.
So you come home and put everything on the frying pan, you open the gas vent and…something is missing…- you don’t have an actual spark to light it up. And this is a real trap where most of the entrepreneurs fail.

Here is the true story

2 years ago I was working on a project with a guy who was acknowledged to be one of the Company future leaders. He had been operating on the biggest market of Asia Pacific for almost 10 years. MBA, PMI, 6Sigma, you name it, everything was in his portfolio. Two times he was honored by the VP for his remarkable performance. With his CV alone, he could easily get a job for $250K salary + benefits. That’s when he decided he was ready to become a successful entrepreneur.

So was he? Well… he started a company on the exactly same market, within the same niche of B2B industry, using the SAME data and a slightly modified version of copied tools, with a tiny capacity to execute the projects. His UTP was close to zero, and the delivered value as well. He failed.

All the doors were open in terms of industry or geography where he could start his journey. Still his decision was to use the revolving door and to come back in the identical suit from the time he left but with a new business card.

The moral of the Story – winning alone VS winning in the team of remarkable people, while you’re an industry leader, will take different level of efforts. Going into the dogfight with your yesterday’s buddies using your bare hands only while they are driving a tank, is not a smart decision, too. But the key thing is – when you think you’re too smart or the market is too stupid, you’re wrong in both cases.



2 responses to “A recipe for success

  1. Sergey, I enjoyed the read))) and did I understand you right – it’s not yet the time for you to launch your own business? you are taking some time to raise your army, well armoured army?


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