The King of Nightmares or #myjobisboring

Data states that 83,7% of people are having nightmares and I’m one of them. Most of all I “like” the weird types and here is one from my Top 3.

Synopsis: I’m joining some business event in a fancy restaurant and the waiter offers me a table. In a blink of an eye, a Raccoon with a Pizza Delivery Guy join my company and start sharing stories about their jobs. The Raccoon tells about his recent successful burglary of a human house and his acting career in the Guardians of the Galaxy; the Pizza Guy talks about his new speed record on one of the highways and the tips amounts from MIT sophomores.

And here I am: ”There was one time when I’ve maintained that KPI in the Green Zone…it was… a good example of say/do ratio”. The very first thought:  “My job is so boorrring, can’t draw a single interesting story”. Here is when I woke up.


If my nightmare is your daily life reality or you feel discomfort when you talk about your job with your friends/soulmate – boy, you’ve got a problem. You are neither proud of what you’re doing nor inspired by the things you’re doing. Let’s put this into the concept of 20/80 rule and run a short analysis.

  • You’re not creative. Literally there are tons of options how to make each job inspiring and interesting. You can use Gamification; apply Lean/6Sigma to optimize your job and schedule Kaizen event; challenge the status quo by rolling out SaaS ERP, while everyone is using excel; fight with your boss about that one idea that you believe is a game changer. Ever tried? If no – google some methods and apply them next Monday.
  • Your boss is poor at delegation and you are – at communication. If you’ve been doing the same job very well for a long period of time, and your boss hasn’t come up with a new challenge for you, sorry to say, he/she is a bad boss. If you’re not telling your boss that you’re getting bored – you’re poor at managing your boss. Go and speak with him/her about your new tasks ASAP.
  • Your presentation skills have room for improvement. The reason why the same joke might sound funny or dull is because one person has certain skills and the other doesn’t. Read “Kamasutra for speakers”, watch TED, and practice. Ask me about any of my Crossfit workouts – and I will give you ‘Lincoln style’ speech on persistence, benefits of competition and also on how to apply RCA for powerlifting. An ability to deliver a good speech will support you in every aspect of your life. Develop the skill!
  • Your job is actually boring. You need to quit and find a new job or start your own business. Just consider this, in terms of the net time (excl. sleep, afterwork hours, etc.) – you will spend approximately 15 years on your job before you retire. Trust me, you don’t want to spend 15 years with the thoughts about how uncomfortable you feel about what you’re doing.

Think for a moment, digest info and act.




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