Business lessons learned from Crossfit


For some odd reason, when you’re working really hard to achieve a desired goal, magically some new revelation appears and becomes even more valuable. Below is my “added value” from my 3-month Crossfit experience transformed into the knowledge that you can adapt for your business/team:

  • Agility matters. In the world of Crossfit being only strong or only agile won’t make you a good athlete. You should have 360 capabilities otherwise you will fail. Each WOD (workout-of the-day) is a mix of exercises. You lift 200 lb for the first 10 minutes, then you need to walk 50 feet on your arms. The same principle can be applied to business. You can’t be only good at analytics or people management to be considered a real professional. Market conditions can change in a second and if you’re not fast enough to adapt – you will lose.
  • Coach knows better. Crossfit was the first time when I put all my personal opinions into a locked box. There are times when I’m about to faint, throw up, drop dead, etc. And this is when I simply follow what my coach says, without any questions or complaints. Your brain tries to save you no matter what, this is its purpose and this is where lots of limitations appear. Your coach (manager) sees the potential in you and he has skills to unleash it. Trust him and follow what he says. In Russian there is a saying that goes like this: ”No fear – coach is here”.
  • Cheer for the efforts. True sportsmanship is not when you only support your team or the winner. It’s when you’re supporting the person who comes very last. You can’t comprehend the amount of physical pain and moral pressure that person is going through internally, therefore you try as hard as you can to support him/her. In business it’s a different story and we are all aware of this cliché speech: ”I must conclude that your performance is below your department average or my expectations, therefore we’ll be replacing you”. Yes, you must make tough calls in the business world, and it’s ok but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate what a person did and the efforts behind. It’s People2People world, not Jerk2Jerk.
  • Respect your gym. No matter how it looks, smells, how old or modern the equipment is – it’s the place that helps you to become better. On a daily basis you’re fortunate enough to use the opportunities for your personal development or your life goals achievement. Treat it respectfully or find a new one.

Kind regards,


P.S. Thanks #crossfitidol and Eugene Ekshtain for this inspiration.

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